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Bikram Yoga Mesa – Special Yoga Event
Solar Fire Yin Sequence

As the days grow longer and the escalating sun chases our shadows away, we prepare for the summer solstice – sometimes in subtle ways of which we are not fully aware. We are more optimistic. We revel in the full breadth of life with newfound excitement. We begin to honor all that is coming to fruition in the year. We can also energetically activate our bodies to be more in tune with the powerful energy of summer through a series of specific postures. Come and celebrate the intensity and warmth of the summer solstice with a gentle “Solar Fire Meridian Yin” yoga sequence to open your body, mind, and spirit to the fiery warmth and vigor of summer and all its possibilities.  This all-levels class will include a series of soft stretches held for longer periods of time. Specific energies in the body are targeted in poses to initiate and open your bodymind for the fire of your full possibilities.

(Some props will be available, but if you have specific props you prefer, such as pillows, blocks, straps, or blankets, feel free to bring them).

Cost: $10 for members, $5 for friends of members; $16 drop-in for non-members