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Jon Knoche – Certified Yoga Instructor and Director of Bikram Yoga Mesa


“My first class was very difficult…I left the yoga room four times my first class.  I didn’t go back to class for a month.  I realized I was in bad shape.   I decided to go back and give it more than I had and even though the teacher and class seemed too tough the Yoga was incredible, and I felt amazing when it was all finished.”

Jon ended his athletic career when playing Collegiate basketball for the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.  In 2003 Doctors told him that he might lose feeling in his legs due to back injuries sustained through the years of sports.  Jon took his first Bikram class in 2003 and with regular practice he has put his back pain in remission with no surgery and no medication. Jon became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor in the spring of 2008.

Expect to smile and laugh in Jon’s class! Jon is very serious about the yoga, but he will remind you to not take yourself too seriously. Jon’s passion and firsthand experience for Bikram Yoga’s ability to heal the body will compel you to try the right way and to NEVER give up. Jon has a wonderful way of making beginners and those with injuries alike feel accepted, encouraged, and safe.


Welcome to Bikram Yoga Mesa. I have explored many options for sleek hippie fitness. This class is the most inclusive and the most challenging. I discovered the healing benefits for my own injuries but there are countless success stories from the result of practicing this yoga class. This class will keep your insides shining. It will keep you hustling but with no wear and tear on your body and mind. No matter what your status or your condition you will be blown away by this practice. When taking class practice as much of the posture as you can correctly. Practice as often as you can throughout your life. There is a correct way for everybody. Come back as soon as you can.


We’re all in this together.


With Love,